In contrast to a shared hosting account where the information is backed up by the provider, if you use a virtual or a dedicated server you'll need to keep manual backups because this kind of a service isn't included by default. As fantastic as a web server might be, there's always the possibility that something might go wrong. As an example, you might delete some content by accident or a script-driven program could get damaged after an update. In the event that you have a backup, you'll not have to bother about such problems because the content can be easily restored. Since it may not be quite convenient to do this all the time on your end, we provide an optional backup service for all of our server plans and we'll store a copy of your content on an independent hosting server to make certain that it is intact no matter what. With the upgrade, you can work on your machine without needing to worry that you may lose any info due to any reason.

Weekly Backup in Dedicated Hosting

If you choose one of our Linux dedicated hosting, it will take you only a couple of mouse clicks to include the backup service that we offer, so you will not have to worry about any vital data that you have on the web server. The upgrade comes with 50 gb of disk space on a separate server and goes through on a weekly basis. You can obtain it together with the dedicated hosting server and have backups from the beginning or you can add it to an existing account through the billing Control Panel. The conventional backups are also included inside our Managed Services bundle, that will make the administration of your dedicated hosting server much easier since it incorporates other useful features too - OS updates, custom work from our admins, etcetera. With a copy of your content kept securely, you'll be able to develop your web sites and keep them up-to-date at all times as you will always have a backup that could be restored in a few minutes if anything breaks down.