Every time some information is uploaded to a shared hosting account or downloaded from it, website traffic is generated which is a component that each hosting package has. It's moreover one of the characteristics it is important to check, since how much traffic allowance you will need will depend on what you need the account for. The website traffic is generally produced by downloads and this includes site visits. Basically, anytime somebody visits your web site, the webpages are downloaded from the server to his or her computer system and they are then displayed by their web browser. It's of course recommendable to be aware that uploads matter too, hence if you transfer bigger files from your pc to the server, some web site traffic is generated as well. Different suppliers may have different names for this specific feature, such as traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, however all of them apply to the exact same thing - the exact amount of incoming and outgoing data generated for a given period of time.

Monthly Traffic in Shared Hosting

The monthly website traffic allowance for our shared hosting plans is enough for every site. If you have a personal blog, a discussion forum or E-commerce portal, how much data can be transferred to and from your account or hitting some small quota cap won't be a reason for your websites to be unavailable. In addition, we provide detailed website traffic info, which means that you will be able to monitor the amount of information is being downloaded at all times. The hourly, daily and monthly stats will give you an idea how the web sites perform, what type of files generate the most traffic plus a lot more helpful details that can help you take care of the web sites along with your account as a whole. The statistics can be reached with just a few clicks in your Hepsia web hosting Control Panel.

Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server packages are intended to host multiple resource-demanding websites because they feature a great deal of computing power. Such web sites usually produce a lot of web site traffic and that's why we have decided not to restrict this feature. Using a semi-dedicated server, you will be able to have as many visitors as you can get without worrying that you may get to a limit for the website traffic they will generate. For your benefit, you will be able to monitor what is going on in your account because we'll provide monthly, daily and hourly stats for the traffic your web sites generate. This means that, you will have an idea of the way they function at any time. You will even be able to check out which page or file has generated the most traffic for each and every site in your semi-dedicated server account.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Hosting

The Linux dedicated hosting that we provide come with enormous website traffic quotas that are enough for any type of web site, even a video streaming portal or a well-liked social media. Terabytes of traffic will be at your disposal each month and the control panel that is included with each dedicated server will give you info how much data has been transferred already and what amount is available for the present month. To avoid service disruptions, we'll inform you as soon as you reach 90% of the allowance and you'll be able to either lessen the site traffic generated by your sites by optimizing their data, or you can increase the quota for your account. It is extremely unlikely that you will ever need such an improvement, however we decided to leave this option open. The stats in that panel feature the overall traffic, compared to the stats inside your hosting Control Panel where you can view only the traffic from sites, but not from server-side software downloads and / or updates.